Sailing Lessons:

When are the lessons?

  • Please see our Calendar for dates and times.

Continuing Your Learning:

  • After completing the lessons, you can continue to develop your sailing skills. We offer race training on Monday evenings and social group sailing on Saturday afternoons throughout the summer. We also have a members only Facebook group for sharing and communicating with your fellow members.

Types of Boats and Club Boats:

  • We are a dinghy club, and we sail Albacore, Wayfayer, Laser, and Optimist boats. The best part is that we have plenty of club boats available for members to use at no extra cost. A minimum of CANSail 2 is required to helm any club sailboat

Club Races:

  • Yes, we have regular races on Wednesday evenings in July and August, along with at least two regattas during the season.

Club Hours:

  • The club is open to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Boat Rescue:

  • If your boat capsizes, no worries! Our boats are “self-rescuing,” and you’ll learn how to right them and continue sailing during the beginner club sailing lessons. If you prefer sailing with others on the water, join us on Monday or Wednesday nights or Saturday afternoons. You could also coordinate a sail through our Facebook group.

Winter Storage:

  • Yes, you can leave your boat at the club over the winter.

Powerboat Launch:

  • No, we do not allow the launching of powerboats at the club.

Pet Policy:

  • Please note that pets are not allowed on club property.

Alcohol and Drug Policy:

  • You can bring your own alcoholic beverages, but do not operate any vehicle, including sailboats, while impaired. Cannabis may be consumed on club property. However, we ask that you be considerate of others with the smoke. We strongly advise against operating a boat or swimming after consuming alcohol or drugs.

Additional Activities:

  • Besides sailing, the club offers a large lawn for yard games, tables for picnicing, and waterfront access for swimming and paddle sports. The club owns 2 canoes and paddle boats that are available for members use.


  • We do not have lifeguards. All swimming is at your own risk.

Restaurant and Bar:

  • We do not have a restaurant and bar. Our facility consists of a cottage with a kitchen only. Restaurants can be found nearby in Young’s Point, Lakefield, or Burleigh Falls.

Social Events:

  • We host social dinners on regatta days, social sails on Saturday afternoons, bonfire nights, and various other social gatherings. Check the club Events Calendar and your email for details throughout the season.

Guest Policy:

  • Each guest may visit the club a maximum of 3 times annually.
  • Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times.

Looking for a crew or skipper?:

Are you a skipper in search of a crew? or a crew in search of a skipper? Post a message on our members Facebook group.