The Peterborough Sailing Club strives to offer affordable, basic access to the sport of sailing with membership offers for “first-time” members, students. Sailboat, kayak and canoe storage is also available at reasonable rates.



Individual Membership with Volunteer Participation:  $500 per year
(includes club boat use and annual storage for 1 boat on the property)

Couples Membership with Volunteer Participation:  $600 per year

Family Membership with Volunteer Participation: $650 per year

Full-Time Student Membership – Must Include Volunteer Participation: $400 per year

Fee to opt out of Volunteer Participation: $100.00

The PSC is a working club and relies on the members’ involvement in order to operate.

We recognize that not all of our members may be able to engage in these events and a membership without volunteer participation is available at a slightly increased fee.

Adult Sail Training: $40 ea.

Available to members only (“First-time” members are eligible for free sail training for 2 adults), includes course materials.

Additional Boat Storage: (annual storage on the property for members): $90 ea.

Boat (sailboat/canoe/kayak) and trailer storage is for members in good standing only.  Boats or trailers left on the property become the property of the PSC after a lapse in membership.

All memberships cover the period April 30 in year joined to April 30 the following year with the privilege to a single vote at the AGM and special meetings.  Please make cheque payable to the Peterborough Sailing Club and mail the cheque, along with this completed and signed form, to the address at the top of the form (download link below).

For full membership details, download our Membership Application Form